Here is a list of 11 best juice recipes that you can prepare at home. So go on, juice up!

1. Watermelon Lychee Granita

A refreshing way to beat the heat. Throw in some watermelon pieces along with ginger, mint leaves, lemon and lychee topped with lots of ice!


watermelon juice
Relish the refreshing flavours of watermelon and lychee swirling in this icy cool granita

2. Cool Kiwi Juice

A tall glass of refreshing drink with cucumber, kiwi and the zing of Thai ginger.

kiwi juice
Topped with bean sprouts, this kiwi juice is a must have in summers.

3. Aam Ras

The fruit of the summer shines its way into your glass. A lovely blend of mango pulp, lime juice and spices.

aam ras
Just a few ingredients and a couple of minutes is all you need for this delightful summer drink.

4. Ananas Da Panna

A twist to the popular mango drink, this recipe calls for fresh pineapple pulp which is blended with cumin powder, black salt and lime juice.

pineapple juice
Ananas da panna

5. Lychee and Dill Juice

Make the most of lychees by using them to make this delicious summer cooler. Add lime and fresh dill for some zing.

lychee juice
Lychee and Dill juice

6. Very Berry Khatta

Enjoy the tangy notes of mulberries, lime, orange, grape juice and kala khatta in this tantalising beverage.

berryTangy, sweet and everything delicious! 

7. Virgin Punch

Fruity, with an instant power to boost up your energy levels, this juice recipe makes the most of fruits like apple, mango, orange and some sparkling lemonade.

fruit punch

Juices of fruits like apple, mango, orange and some sparkling lemonade mixed together with lots of ice.

8. Grape Nectar

A sweet and tangy mixture of grape juice, lemon chunks and lychees. Overcome the summer heat with this cool mocktail.

grape juice
Lychee, grape and tangy lemon is all it takes to freshen up in the summer heat.

9. Plum-ness

Time to reboot. Shake up this simple and incredibly delicious plum smoothie using juicy plums. This recipe of a refreshing plum drink is uses pureed plums and condensed milk which will cool you down instantly on a hot summer day.

plum smoothie
A healthy, filling and refreshing plum smoothie made with just two ingredients!

10. Orange and Basil Juice

Orange and basil come together to create this revitalizing drink which is perfect to beat the heat. Top it up with ice and enjoy.

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orange juice
Four ingredients and just five minutes, this fruit juice is as easy and quick to prepare as refreshing this would be!

11. Pomegranate Juice

Detox with this refreshing ayurvedic juice, packed with the goodness of beetroot and pomegranate. Beetroot is a cleanser in itself, when added with aloe vera and pomegranate this juice helps in building a strong immune system!

pomegranate juice
A refreshing summer juice to help you detox!
Prepare these fresh juices at home to stay hydrated and refreshed this summer season.
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